3 Baby Shower Games – Labour or Rollercoaster- Beer Belly or Baby Belly- Price is Right. 3 Winner Prizes – 20 Player Baby Shower Game Pack – XL Posters for Prime Baby Shower boy, Girl or Unisex Party

🍼 3 BABY SHOWER GAME FAVOURITES INCLUDED FOR UPTO 20 PLAYERS in this extraordinary great value pack of baby shower games

🍼 3 BABY SHOWER GAME WINNER ROSETTES INCLUDED to be presented to the winner of each game

🍼 GAME 1 – BEER BELLY or BABY BELLY This game is sure to create fun and laughter as you and your fellow baby shower guests determine which of the 10 belly images shown on the large A2 size poster either belong to a pregnant lady or a beer bellied gentleman? Answer sheets provided for all 20 guests along with Winner rosette for the lucky winner. It may seem that establishing the pregnant mummy to be from the beer filled gentleman would be simple, but think again. From the belly shape

🍼 GAME 2 – LABOUR or ROLLERCOASTER Which one will it be? 13 photographs of either a lady giving birth or a lady on a rollercoaster are shown on the game poster. Answer sheets are provided for players to circle their answer whilst no doubt laughing hysterically as they try their best to determine the photographs origin. The winning player collects the winner rosette included

🍼 GAME 3 – BABY SHOWER PRICE IS RIGHT A fun favourite that will be enjoyed by all players young and old as each player tries to guess the correct cost of the supermarket branded items shown on their A5 game sheet. A rosette prize is included for the person with nearest grand total to the actual total given on the instruction / answer sheet provided in the pack

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