70th BIRTHDAY GIFT 1948 LUCKY SIXPENCE PRESENT CELEBRATION BIRTH YEAR Unique gift for Dad Mum and friends. Perfect to add to a greeting card

Celebrate your friends or members of your family’s 70th birthday with this little sixpence gift. – 2018. If your gift is for someone who is 70 next year please request this as a 1949 sixpence will be used instead.

This little capsule has a circulated 1948 sixpence displayed inside which is visible on the reverse of the plastic capsule / case. 1948 is the birth year of someone whose 70th birthday is in 2018, so the sixpence is 70 years old, too! The little case measures 5 cm x 5 cm – a demonstration of the size is pictured. Comes with an organza bag and a little card giving an insight into the tradition of the sixpence

Traditionally the sixpence has been said to bring good luck and fortune to the holder

Perfect for mum, dad, grandparents and friends

Other sixpence gifts include: New baby, Boys and Girls Christening, Wedding gift for the bride to be, 50th Golden Anniversary, 50th birthday, 18th, 21st, 30th and 40th birthday, Thank you for making me smile, Granddaughter, Graduation, First birthday for boys and girls!

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