9 Grey Interlocking Foam Baby Play Mat Giraffe Tiles with Edges – Play Mats. Each Tile 30 x 30cms. Total 0.9m2

9 grey interlocking EVA foam puzzle jigsaw mats with grey giraffe pattern and edges. The tiles are incredibly versatile and are great for everything from a baby playmat, toddler crawling pads, rubber flooring for a gym, to improving the acoustics or for a childrens play area. Customers also use these as blocking tiles for knitting or even as a mattress for camping

These interlocking tile pieces provide superb floor protection – great for workouts or providing a padded space for a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, shower room or to use in the place of carpet, or even wallpaper!

Made from high quality, non-toxic EVA soft foam (CE/EN71 certified) and they are incredibly easy to clean and are water resistant. Act as a great universal protector and defender of your floor surfaces.

Perfect for garages, utility rooms, kids bedrooms, nurseries, playgrounds, playrooms or the garden.

Approx Size of each set: 30 x 30 x 1cm each piece, Assembled Size: A square 90cm x 90cm. – can buy additional sets as required. Also available in pink or black.

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