anbiwangluo Retro Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex with Lord of the Rings Valentine's Day Birthday Gift (Bronze)

SIZE : 14*5.5*5.5 cm. The Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex, it is a Christmas Gifts,Anniversary Gifts, Valentine’s day gift, Mother’s day gift, Thinks giving day gift etc, or just as a surprise to remind that special one how much you care!

The Original password is I LOVEU, when you open it, you will find two piece The Lord of rings in the hidden compartment

Classical styling, content with Renaissance traits, elegant in design, in line with the style of Leonardo da Vinci’s Wisdom

It’s a interesting and creative gift,password can be reset unlimitedly.You can reset your own password. For example, you can set the password to the first letter of the name of you two,make the gift full of love

The two rings are complimentary, they are not pure silver or pure gold. You can replace the rings with other small gifts (such as necklace、small note) to give your friends different surprises

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