AvoSeedo Grow Your Own Avocado – Unusual Gardening Gifts for Women | Avocado Tree Kit with Plant Pot | Outdoor Indoor Plant | Home Decorations Accessories | Allotment Gifts for Her

✓ AREN’T YOU TIRED OF OFFERING MUGS? – Finally a truly unusual gift, don’t know what to offer to your husband or wife? AvoSeedo, is an Avocado growing kit with a plant pot, to experience the amazing transformation of a plant in the water while adding a unique touch to your home decoration.

✓ CREATE A MOMENT WITH YOUR FAMILY – Start something entertaining, AvoSeedo plant pot is adapted to grow avocado plants & many others! Fill it with water and put your avocado seed to see the roots growing, then add soil and irrigate the plant. What a perfect gardening gift for men and women!

✓ NO MORE WORRYING ABOUT WATERING YOUR SEED – Is your man famous for killing indoor plants? With AvoSeedo no need to be the king of gardening! Its innovative design makes your plant autonomous. Change the water every 2 weeks and let the float keep the seed moist. Cool ecological gift, Ha?

✓ NEVER MANAGED TO GROW AN AVOCADO? – Toothpicks make holes in a seed, weakens it and stops its germination. Protect your seed by gently placing it on the AvoSeedo float, to help it grow while remaining moist. After a few weeks, you can plant your avocado tree in the plant pot.

✓100% REIMBURSMENT IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED – At AvoSeedo we believe in our products and in the satisfaction of our customers. If your friend, mother or granddaughter is not thrilled to discover the cutest green plants with its long roots and small green leaves, we will refund you 100%.

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