Baby Alive Grandit and Talk Baby Grows Up Happy Hope or Merry Meadow Doll

The doll really grows: transforms from newborn to baby, then to big girl; grows 10 centimeters and makes more than 75 sounds and phrases! It’s like a 3-in-1 doll! To start again, reset the Baby Grows Up!

SURPRISES AT EVERY STEP – Kids discover surprises and 8 accessories by taking care of their baby. As baby grows, pushes back his blanket with his feet, pronounces his first word and grows. The doll measures 25cm in baby and little girl and 35cm in big girl.

The colour of the eyes and hair is a supervisor: who will become a baby? Happy Hope or Merry Meadow? From his first bottle, he opens his eyes to reveal their color. To discover the color of her hair, remove her cap.

Sits and say its first word: Baby Alive’s Baby Grows Up Talking Doll reacts with adorable phrases and sounds. She “swallows” when feeding with the dummy food bag. Requires 4 AA batteries, demo batteries are included.

GRANDIT MORE AND HAIR POUSH: Children help baby become a big girl! Her hands are held when she is standing to make her grow. We put on her skirt and shoes surprised. Her hair grows too.

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