Bleu Paw Great Gift for Mom or Dad All-in-ONE Compact Dog Walking Tool; Hands Free Waste Scoop, ChuckIt, Lint Roller, Including LED Night Light-Pooper Scooper

Compact– Measures only 12.5 inches. Easily attaches to pockets, leashes, back packs, using the included carabiner clip.

SEE PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE –Quickly and effectively pickup your pets droppings. LED light, lights the way for an environmentally friendly walk with your pet. Help to keep the walkways clean.

Sticky roller doubles as a receptacle for your plastic bag, as well as a lint roller for hair removal.

Keep your hands and environment clean and sanitized with Bleu Paw Pooper Scooper. Works with any plastic bag including pet waste bags.

Play with your dog on the walk? This can also be used as a ‘Chuck It’ ball launcher.

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