Box Of Favours® – The Ultimate New Gift For Someone Special – Christmas Stocking Filler, Birthday, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Anniversary, Fathers Day – Personalised Gift for Him or Her

BOX OF FAVOURS – THE ULTIMATE STOCKING FILLER! – Show someone how much you care about them by treating them to special favours. This beautifully designed box filled with cards is the perfect gift for Christmas, Valentines Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day – for Him or for Her

WHAT’S IN THE BOX!? – FAVOUR CARDS – 15 Beautifully designed favour cards with gold foil boarder held in place by black velvet covered foam. 10 of these cards have set favours and 5 are left blank for you to write your own personal favours!

A CONTRACT – As the Gifter, firstly you will find a contract to sign. This is your promise to the receiver that you will fulfil any of the favours upon request. The contract fits neatly in the envelope provided and sits above the cards.

SET FAVOURS: Breakfast In Bed – Movie Of Choice – House Chore – I Win This Debate! – Tea/Coffee X5 – Back Massage – A Big Cuddle – Special Meal – 1hr Peace & Quiet – A Day Out ( + 5 BLANK CARDS! )

IMPORTANT: THIS GIFT IS DESIGNED TO BE PERSONALISED AND GIVEN AWAY – If you are buying this gift for someone make sure to open the box and fill in the contract and the blank cards before giving to the recipient – Get creative and personal with your favours and HAVE FUN!

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