Cheese Making Kit – Around The World in 20 Cheeses

Cheese Making Kit – make 20 different cheeses

BEGINNERS CHEESE MAKING KIT: contains everything you need, dairy thermometer, cheesecloth, mould, rennet, acid, cheese-salt, herbs, mint, micro-spoon and easy to follow instruction book.

MAKE 20 DIFFERENT CHEESES as diverse as Cottage Cheese, Cheshire and Irish Porter and great beginner cheeses like Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Paneer, Curd Cheese, Greek Cheese and 10 other cheeses.

A great introduction to making cheese at home for beginners to become Artisan cheesemakers. We’ve selected 20 cheese to illustrate the diverse cheesemaking techniques used around the world.

Contains cheesecloth, rennet, microspoon, moulds and ingredients enough to make more than 25 batches of cheese.

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