Dorakitten 12 Pcs Christmas Cat Gifts Set Cat Toys Cat Catnip Toys Cat Christmas Toys Cat Wand Toys Cat Teaser Toys Interactive Cat Toys Feathers Mice Cat Toys Set for Indoor Kitty

Value Toy Set: Cat toys set include 12 kinds of cat toys, including bells, cat wand, spherical cat toys, mouse toys, cat feathers toys, and a variety of toys. Meet your cat’s needs for multiple toys.

Increase Interaction: The toys for kittens can trigger the cat’s hunting awareness and quick capture ability, cat teaser toy is very helpful for cats. And when you are free, the owner can interact with the cat through the cat toys to increase the trust with the cat.

Flexible and Agile: These cat toys can attract cats’ interest. After using these cat toys, the concentration of eyes and the agility of limbs will be greatly improved, making your cat more energetic and healthier.

Safety: Non-toxic and tasteless, all toys for kittens are made of plastic and textiles. It has no effect on the cat’s health. Cats are non-toxic and tasteless and can play happily.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Cats: Christmas is coming soon, are you looking for toys as gifts for your cat? Our cat toy set is a Christmas gift specially prepared for cats. The interactive cat toy set is very interesting for cats.

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