Elegant Coupe Cocktail Glasses- Set of 2 Handmade Crystal Bar Quality Champage Glasses/Champagne Saucers | Designed as Large Pornstar Martini Glasses & Espresso Martini Glasses in a Stunning Gift Box.

CREATE ELEGANT & BEAUTIFUL HOME DRINKS- You’ll be making the most ‘Instagrammable’ cocktails in these Sophisticated Coupe Glasses. Each Stylish Glass has a Beautifully Thin Stem and an Eye-Catching Wide Saucer which brings a Dramatic Effect to any drink. Your Home Drinks will be transformed into the Bar Experience.

VERSATILE DESIGN WHICH IS GREAT FOR COCKTAILS OR BUBBLES- This Iconic Shaped Glass can be used equally as Prosecco Glasses, Gin Glasses or Cocktail Glasses. With a slightly larger 280ml cup capacity on top, you’ll also be enjoying your drinks for longer!

YOU CAN FEEL THAT THEY’RE DESIGNED BY EXPERTS- Each Glass has been Finely Handcrafted by Skilled Artisans using Crystal. The Quality feel adds to any drinking occasion and will deliver that ‘WOW’ moment for you, your Friends and Family.

A GIFT TO REMEMBER FOR ANY DRINK LOVER- At Vemacity we create each of our items with the recipient in mind. Each glass comes securely wrapped and then placed into a Stylish Gift Box making this an excellent Cocktail Gift Set.

CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST- Our core value at Vemacity is to create TRULY MEMORABLE customer experiences. If, however you encounter any problems reach out to us directly and we will turn that frown upside down and that’s a PROMISE.

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