Elephant Pillow(Baby Toys)/Elephant Stuffed Plush Pillow Sleeping Cushion Pillow Kids Comfort Toy (Grey)

RECEIVED IN 3-5 DAYS,Soft &Cuddly with Safety, Such a velvety feel and is so lifelike: Filled in by the 100% organic cotton-PP, give you a big soft beatific hug

The Elephant Pillow Perfect for Snuggling: The right size and the cute shape, can give you the thick sense of security like a mother

Measures 23.62 Inches length,17.71 Inches width,Vacuum bag packaging Easy to transport The packaging is thin when received Need to spread, will achieve your desired results.

The Elephant Pillow Works not just for children, even great for many occasion,lunch break relaxing,the company of sleep, cushion in office for yourself

SO cool elephant plush pillow.As a child’s bed partner, girlfriend’s toy, pillow of the sofa or cushion of the chair

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