Feed Baby Twins – Baby Care & Terrible Two

Emma and Oliver are newborn twins. Their parents are very busy. Could you please take care of these two babies and feed them? This free game is very fun.

In this game, you need to:

1. Feed the twins:

The twins are hungry now. Please put them in the baby high chairs and make sure you have fastened their seat belts. And then feed them milk, fruit juice and some other supplementary food. This is not just a kids game, but also adult like to play fun games.

2. Give them a bath:

The twins need a bath. Please adjust the temperature of the water, fill the bath and then give them a warm bath.There are many most funny games in it.

3. Make them fall asleep:

They are very sleepy. Please try your best to make them fall asleep.But also very suitable for girls game.

4. Take them to the hospital:

The twins both had colds and could not stop sneezing. Please take them to the hospital and give them some treatments.

5. Clean the twins room:

The twins’ room is in a mess. Please clean their room before their parents come back. Thanks.

6. Choose some clothes for the twins:

They are going out to the park. Please choose some beautiful clothes for them.

7. Take them to the park:

Please take them to the park and play some interesting games with them. Have fun!

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