Food Feeder Set, Fruit Feeder with 3 Sizes Silicone Sacs, Silicone Teething Pacifiers Baby Fruit Feeding Set for Infants & Toddlers

【Perfect Baby Fruit Feeder Set 】We have 2 pack fruit feeder pacifier (including S Silicone Sacs) + 9 Silicone Sacs (S * 3 + M * 3 + L * 3), S:can be put in fruit & vegetable, fits 4 to 6 months baby ;M: pieces of fruit & vegetable, fits 6 to 9 months;L:minced meat or fish, fits babies beyond 9 months.

【Baby Food Feeders & Healthy Diet 】The fruit feeder is designed to encourage natural and comfortable chewing.Fruit Feeder is best choice for infants and young children to safely feed fruits, vegetables, porridge and first-time complementary foods. It also satisfies the baby’s nutritional needs for vegetables and fruits while exercising the baby’s chewing ability.

【Fill In A Variety of Foods】Three sizes of silicone pouches are available for babies at different months of age.With these various-size pouches,you can feed your baby with different foods such as fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, meats, ice chips,breast milk or use it to administer medicine to your can be used for sucking various kinds of food except milk,which balances the nutrition of your baby and makes your baby grows healthily.

【Detachable & Easy to Clean】The handle on the top of the fresh food feeder allows the baby to hold it easily. Silicone fruit feeding nipple can be separated out and cleaned with boiling or warm water before the first use.

【Feed Safe & Relieves】The Discomfort of Long Teeth — The fruit sucker is designed with a textured silicone surface, which is ideal for relieving pain during teething. Simply pour the cooled food or small ice into a silicone vacuum cleaner.

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