Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Guitar Case Whisky Gift Pack, 70 cl

Celebrate like a rock star with our guitar case gift set.

It’s in Lynchburg, Tennessee, that every drop of Jack is still produced and bottled today. Our smooth sipping tennessee whiskey has won numerous gold medals during its 150 year history.

Jack Daniel’s and Cola: Pour 25ml Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 into a highball glass filled with ice, top up with 175ml cola

Old No 7’s success can be put down to the unique way it’s made – using the finest ingredients, pure water from the Cave Spring at the Distillery; charcoal mellowing and aged in hand-crafted charred oak barrels.

Full and spicy. Hints of orange, brown sugar and spice, full-bodied oak and dry apple. It’s a sweet, rich and vanilla taste

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