KHAZIX Whiskey Gift Set for Men – Whiskey Glass Set of 2 | 4 Whiskey Chilling Stainless Steel Ice Cubes | Bourbon Glasses Gift Set for Men, Birthday, Fathers Day, Husband | Anniversary for Couple Gift

Best Whiskey Gift Box: Our gift box is based on the principle of environmental protection, made of wood fiber as raw material to make Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). The reason for using MDF is that the surface is smooth, hard and light. The gift box is suitable for any high-end occasion. It can bring different surprises to whiskey lovers, and the handle of the gift box is designed according to the customer’s buying experience, which makes the gift-giving process seem extraordinarily sincere.

Exquisite Wedding Gift: If your husband has a soft spot for whiskey, bourbon, and scotch, then our whiskey gift set will be your best choice. I hope you can express your love for your husband through our whiskey gift set on your anniversary or birthday, tell him how much you care, and thank him for his company along the way.

Everything a Whiskey Lover Wants: I have carefully prepared 2 whiskey glasses (10oz/300ml) for customers, 2 golden PVC coasters, metal tongs, 4 stainless steel ice stones, crown ashtray, whiskey stone storage bag. Perfect preparation can make you better enjoy the happy time, and bring you a more extreme boost to your taste when tasting scotch whisky!

Most Attentive Quality: Our Scotch whisky glass is made of the safest and healthy lead-free glass. You don’t need to worry about any problems. Pursuing your best experience, we use the whiskey ice stone made of stainless steel that is not easy to damage and can cool the whiskey better. And it can be cleaned at any time to keep it clean. The whiskey glass set is suitable for all holidays (Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, Veterans Day, Father Day)

Exquisite Crown Ashtray: The crown ashtray can provide a different atmosphere for each occasion, just like a certain basketball star can drive the atmosphere of the entire game. The exquisite ashtray also makes the gift suitable for more people, such as the boss, boyfriend, brother, uncle, son, grandfather, husband, best man, dad, father, wedding gifts. Scotch whisky gift box is the first choice for high-end luxury gifts.

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