Kinderkraft Baby Playmat SMARTPLAY, Educational Mat, Activity Play Gym, with Ajustable Fitness Frame, Playpen Function, Accessories, Hanging Rattle, 5 Toys, 30 Balls, for Newborn, Suitable from Birth

DIVERSITY OF TOYS – 7 toys included: mirror, rattling book, 2 teethers, rattle, squeaking tiger, jingling elephant. The mat comes also with 20 balls in 4 colors, providing an additional form of entertainment for children

PLAYPEN FUNCTION – The base of the mat is thick and thus very soft, and the sides can be lifted and fastened together to form a playpen. Its walls are a real curiosity because each of them represents a different story

ADJUSTING THE BARS – Toy bars with a universal connector that allows adjusting the distance to the playing child

ACCESSORIES – Included is a comfortable cushion improving the comfort of lying on the tummy. A child can also play lying on the back or sitting

UNIQUE DESIGN – Original colors, in particular the contrast of white and black, will help the toddler discover the world from the very first days of life

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