Long Hot Water Bottle with Fleece Cover, Dyna-Living 2L/72CM Extra Long Hot Water Bottle for Neck/Back/Shoulder/Period Pain Relief, Soft-Touch Hose Hot Water Bottle for Winter(Dark Grey)

☀️【72CM Extra Long Hot Water Bottle】Compared with the traditional hot water bottle, a 28.35” x 4.72” extra long water bottle offers a great body coverage. Dyna-Living newly launched 72CM extra long hot water bottle subvert the old hot water bottle image and will definitely delight you!

🔆【Effective Helper for All Seasons】Not just for keeping warm in winter, the extra-long design and flexibility of this hot water bottle make it more widely used than ordinary hot water bottles, it is more effective in relieving pain such as cramps, periods and muscle ache.

🔥【Thermal Pacticality】Under the normal temperature, the temperature of the long hot water bottle can be maintained for at least about 3 hours. Just put it on the bed for ten minutes and the bed will get warm. Put it in a quilt to keep the temperature overnight. Let the long hot water bottle warm your night.

💝【Made with Love】The customers’ sense of use has always been our mission. Our long hot water bottle is made from high-quality natural rubber, compared with other hot water bottles, it is more durable and not easy to tear. The cosy fleece cover not only can provide you with the velvet soft touching but also protect the hot water bottle from getting dirty.

❤️【Effectively Soothes】You can put hot water (hot compress) and ice water (cold compress) in the hot water bottle, which can quickly relieve body pain. The large surface area design can easily warm most areas of the body and provide a mild soothing effect for the painful parts. It is a must-have for all chronic pain patients.

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