LYNX Gold Trio, Body Spray, Shower Gel and Anti-perspirant Deodorant for Men in Wood and Fresh Vanilla Scent Gift Set Christmas Gifts for Him 3 piece

LYNX Gold Trio Gift Set includes three Christmas gifts for him: LYNX Gold Bodyspray 150 ml, Bodywash 225 ml and Antiperspirant Deodorant 150 ml

The bodyspray features a refined, 48-hour high-definition fragrance of oud wood & fresh vanilla, giving him a real presence wherever he is

The bodywash boosts his game leaving him clean, fresh and smelling 100% iconic

The antiperspirant deodorant spray uses anti-white marks technology to ensure no marks are left on clothing and gives him 72-hour protection against sweat and body odour

Packaged in a ready-to-wrap gift box, gifting this iconic bodyspray, bodywash and antiperspirant trio has never been easier

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