Lynx Ice Chill Easter Egg Gift for Men, 3 items included Shower Gel (2x50ml) and 1 Body Spray (1x35ml)

Lynx Ice Chill Gift Set for men contains 2 x Lynx Ice Chill Bodywash 50 ml and 1 x Lynx Ice Chill Bodyspray 35 ml

Lynx Ice Chill Bodywash for men is a body, hair and face wash that leaves you feeling fresh and revitalised

Lynx Ice Chill Bodyspray deodorant for men leaves you smelling of frozen mint and lemon

You can’t go wrong with this gift set for men with the refreshing, exciting and masculine Ice Chill fragrance

Whoever you are and whatever you’re doing, Lynx has your back, whether that means helping you stay fresh and in control or finding the best gifts for him

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