Magic Blanket Babies, Surprise Plush Baby Doll with Over 80 Sounds and Reactions, Purple Blanket (Style May Vary), Kids Toys for Girls Ages 4 and up

MAGIC REVEAL: Magic Blanket Babies plush baby dolls unbundle themselves Rock, flip and play with your bundle until the blanket magically opens, revealing your surprise baby Unbundle again and again

OVER 80 SOUNDS AND REACTIONS: Your baby responds to your touch with sweet sounds and phrases She makes sounds from inside her blanket; giggles when she’s bounced; loves to play peek-a-boo and more

NURTURING PLAY: Play with and care for your Magic Blanket Baby on or off her blanket From peek-a-boo to bottle feeding, there’s so much to do Remove her from the blanket’s base for bedtime cuddles

UNICORN OR PRINCESS: Which baby will you find? Inside the purple blanket, discover a Unicorn or Princess baby Each Magic Blanket Baby has a stylish outfit with shimmery fabrics and details matching her theme

Includes: 1 Magic Blanket Babies Doll, 1 Magic Blanket Babies Blanket, 1 Magic Blanket Babies Bottle, 1 Adoption Certificate, 1 Instruction Booklet

This item is picked at random from an assortment of models, which may differ from those shown

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