Men's Cologne Perfume, 4, MenEau de Toilettex 25 ml Eau De Toilette For Men Cologne Perfume Set Gift Box Long-lasting Perfume Perfect for your Father Boyfriend or Other Male Friend

de toilette men-LIGHT AND DURABLE AROMA: Refreshing and natural aromas, long lasting and effective, show their unique flavor and energy. It could take a long time, around 16 hours. Show a man with affinity for one hand, shaping the image of a calm, introverted but very kind gentleman.

sets mini aftershave-4 DIFFERENT TYPES OF ESSENCES: 4 different types of perfumes, which allow you to show your own charm in different settings. Durable and efficient, show your unique flavor and energy.

cologne aftershave eau-HIGH QUALITY NOZZLE: This perfume uses fine atomizing nozzle, spraying evenly, the bottle body is exquisite, polishing is good, the handle is comfortable, the fragrance does not drip, and it is not easy to damage it.

mens minature aftershave-SHOW YOUR PERSONAL CHARM: This fragrance is delicate, elegant and long-lasting, exuding the natural masculine taste of men, adding extra points to its charm, this eau de parfum uses bright elements to make the scent more beautiful. The aromas of flowers and fruits combine to produce a pleasant and sweet aroma, showing personal charm and vitality.

sets aftershave sale-USE: Leave the fragrance about 10-20cm away from the body, spray the mist, the wider the range of aromatic sprays the better, then stick with it. This will allow the scent to fall evenly on the body, leaving a long-lasting, light fragrance; or unscrew the cap, gently shake the bottle and spray finely on the armpits, chest, ears, neck or wrist.

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