Motorola Ease 35 Twin Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras 5.0 Inch Video Baby Monitor HD Display Split Screen Display Night Vision TwoWay Communication Lullabies Zoom Room Temperature, White

SPLIT SCREEN ✔ The two cameras allow you to keep an eye on two or more children in different rooms. The split view shows the two different images side by side on the 5.0″ screen.

5.0 INCH COLOUR DISPLAY ✔ With a 5.0 inch HD colour display, you can monitor your baby anywhere in the house. The volume control allows you to control the sound of the baby monitor very easily.

DISPLAY TEMPERATURE ✔ This baby monitor includes a temperature sensor that allows you to detect the temperature of the baby’s room. So you will always have peace of mind.

ZOOM AND INFRARED ✔ Remote control with zoom and infrared night vision for a complete view of the entire room. Even in the dark, you can see your child clearly.

LULLABIES ✔ With the integrated lullabies, soothing sounds or audiobook, you can calm your baby and let them fall asleep easily.

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