Mum Mother Mom Mummy Nana Nanny Nan Grandma Gift For Wedding Anniversary Birthday Mother's day gifts Presents (Rose Box Nana Gift)

Nana: Nana you’ re loving in all you do, With help and guidance to see me through

A delightful gift for “Nana” for her love and support to you during the past years with this truly unique idea for Mothers’ Day Gift.

The second ‘piece’ in the set is an absolutely gorgeous Rose shape box in which the whole item is seated, which is externally covered in a soft Red lightly-patterned material, whilst the inside has a soft white net base beneath the bear.

In the lid of the box is the following verse, which will say more than any normal Mothers’ day / Valentines’ day / Birthday card could ever do.

This is very Special ‘A Gift of Love’ Gift set, which comprises of a 3 or 4 parts gift. The first ‘part of this item is an absolutely beautiful Teddy Bear, who is made of glass and crafted down to the very finest detail, with little dark eyes, nose, and a cute smiling mouth, whilst her little ear-tips, wing-tips, and toes expertly picked out in 22kt Gold, and her Angelic wings are softly frosted to give the Heavenly Angelic appearance. The bear is sitting with holding a beautiful little RED HEAR

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