Night Lighting Lamp,LED Bedside Lamp, Baby Nursery Lamp for Breastfeeding Safe ABS, Break Resistant, Eye Caring, Adjustable Brightness*3 & Color*7

That year, they were 20 years old and the boy packed me into a gift and gave it to her on the girl’s 20th birthday. The girl saw that I was full of joy, the girl was timid, and she was afraid of black at night.

The boy’s smile is very sunny and the girl’s eyes are very clear.

That year, they were 24 years old and married. On Christmas Day, at home, the boy cooks a steak, orders a candle, the girl sets the table, blows out the candle, and puts me on the table.

The girl said, I am a gift from the boy to give her a warm heart.

That year, they were 26 years old and the baby was born.

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