PewinGo Footprint Kit & Handprint Kit, Baby Photo Frame Kit Clay for Newborn Baby Girls and Boys, Baby Shower Gifts,Baby Registry, New Parents Gift, Perfect Baby Memory and Nursery Room Decoration

【EASY TO MAKE】 JUST beat the clay for 5 minutes until it is soft, knead to a uniform state, introduce the soft clay in the frame area and use our stick to create a smooth, flat surface. Then put your baby’s litter handprint and footprints on it and wait it dry. So easy!

【CAPTURE YOUR BABY’S PERFECT HANDPRINTS AND FOOTPRINTS FOREVER】 We can’t stop your little angel from growing, but we can help you create a masterpiece of adorable hand and footprints for you to enjoy for a lifetime. We use updated durable materials and smoothest setting clay – guaranteed to stand the test of time and look just as good decades later.

【SHOW YOUR BABY WITH PRIDE ON YOUR CHIMNEY COAT】 Place your baby’s clay prints next to family photos and keep this physical reminder, – a newborn/Registry gift that helps our children remember your thoughtfulness every time they see it.

【REMEMBER THEIR ADORLABE SMALL HANDPRINT AND FOOTPRINT】 Creating memories of your baby’s hands and feet is almost as perfect as putting your newborn baby’s special scent in a bottle. There is nothing sweeter than tiny, perfect baby hands and feet.

【THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER/Registry GIFT】 If you are looking to dazzle and surprise your best friend, this is the gift to do so. Our Baby Handprint and Footprint is the perfect gift that your friend will use.

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