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The holidays are upon us – which means it’s the time for the festivities to commence! The first agenda for me is always picking out gifts for my family and friends and wrapping them all up. It’s something I always look forward to every December!

With that being said, I’ve rounded up a list of gift ideas that you can give to new mommies like me. These are the baby essentials that I have been using for the past six months – rest assured all these are tried, tested and Mommy Kryzzzie approved! There are so so many things in the market and sometimes it’s hard to know which items will actually be nice, useful, and perfect to gift. These items are definitely my newborn essentials and would highly recommend buying them- even if you’re a new mom yourself!

I know we usually do fashion and beauty but I figured it’s about time mommas get some pressie love too- God knows we definitely need it! ❤️

As usual, I’ll be linking EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT I mentioned so it’s easy for you to scroll down, click and buy! This is not in any way sponsored- just thought it might help if you’re in a gifting pickle!


1. UV Sterilizer
ECO MOM https://bit.ly/3gDNV0B
Upang https://bit.ly/3qEMmUB
2. Combi Steam Sterilizer https://bit.ly/2K1ZxhE
3. Hakaa Breast Pump https://bit.ly/39PP8jT
4. Bonjour Baby Play Mats https://bit.ly/3gyzcnp
5. Oribel High Chair http://orijin.ph
6. Sleep Sack, Halo https://bit.ly/39XHcgr
7. Alilo Bunny https://bit.ly/2JSq5lC
8. Ecleve Baby Carrier https://www.facebook.com/Écleve-Carrier-PH-104781250872401/
9. Bebear https://bit.ly/3qHCQzS
iAngel Carrier https://bit.ly/36XmNpW
10. Doona Stroller https://bit.ly/37J3no4 | https://shopdoona.ph

(free 30 day trial with link above!)

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