RITUALS The Ritual of Samurai Invigorating Treat Gift Set

Turn Your Routine into a Ritual: Join the ranks of legendary warriors, and groom yourself to the highest standard with the Ritual of Samurai

Invigorating Treat Gift Set: The Invigorating Treat Gift Set is ideal as a treat for yourself or loved ones, containing Foaming Shower Gel, Ice Shower Gel, Shave Cream and Anti-Perspirant Spray. Ideal for travelling

Powerful Ingredients: The ingredients in each item contribute to your sense of invigoration, waking your spirit and making you battle-ready with Organic Bamboo, Ginseng and Sandalwood

Enriching Fragrance: Enjoy the powerful balance of earthy and spicy scents, including Sandalwood and Ginseng, with gentle aromas of Cypress and Bamboo

Complete the Ritual: For further exploration into the Ritual of Samurai, try our Invigorating Ritual Gift Set for a ritual that makes you feel good and look good

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