TRIXES Valentines Keyrings I Love You Key Ring Key To my Heart Key Chain

COUPLES KEY RINGS – One for you, one for them. Let your nearest and dearest know that they have the key to your heart with the TRIXES I Love You Key to my Heart key ring

YOU’RE THE KEY TO MY HEART – A key shaped keyring with the Letter “I” with a little gem and a heart keyring with “Love You”. A cute gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend

VALENTINES, ANNIVERSARY, CHRISTMAS – The big day is coming up… whether it be a valentines day, an anniversay, a birthday or Christmas, these key rings maybe little, but they say a lot.

PERFECT LITTLE GIFT – Does your loved one say “I don’t want anything for Valentines Day”, It’s a trap. Maybe they don’t want a lot, but they will appreciate the key to your heart.

TWO HALVES MAKE A WHOLE – Always have a reminder of your love on you. A great gift for first loves, you’ll never truly be apart.

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