Whisky Stones and Glasses Gift Set, GOLDGE Whisky Granite Chilling Stones, 8 Whisky Stones + 2 Glasses + 2 Coasters (in Luxury Wooden Box), Present for Dad, Husband, Men

Whisky stones and glasses gift set: 8 whisky stones + 2 glasses + 2 coasters+1 clip+1 velvet bag+1 luxury wooden box.

Maintain the pure flavor: traditional ice cubes will melt when added to the whiskey, affecting the taste of the whiskey. The addition of whiskey stones can ensure that the taste of the whiskey is not spoiled. The cold whiskey tastes better.

Food contact materials: GOLDGE whisky rocks are made of 100% natural stone, they are non-porous, tasteless, tasteless, and are approved by the FDA, so there is no need to worry about the material. As long as they are cleaned promptly after use, they can be reused for several years.

Reasonable design: The edges and corners of each whisky rocks are polished so that the glass will not be scratched. The glass body can more intuitively appreciate the color of the whisky.

Creative gifts: specially designed for whiskey lovers. The beautiful wooden packaging box is very suitable as a gift. For husband/daddy/uncle/uncle/grandfather/brother/male friends, whisky stones and glasses gift set is a cool gift idea.

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