ZENDIX Magic Gate for Dog, Dog Gate, Stair Gate, Baby Gate, Baby Safety, Portable Folding Mesh Magic Gate, Hooks & Poles Included, Easy Install Anywhere, 43.3"x28.3" Black Color Gate for Dog/Pet/Baby

PET & BABY SAFETY ENCLOSURE. ZENDIX foldable safety guard enclosure works both as a baby gate and a pet gate for indoor use. It provides a safe enclosure to play and rest, taking safe and effective protection to your pets & babies. Each set includes 1 dog gate, 2 retractable rods, and 4 adhesive hooks and manual instruction.

PERFECT DIMENSION: With 43.3in/110cm wide and 28.3in/72cm height, ZENDIX magic gate for dogs is suitable for most ordinary family doors. It is perfect for doorways, between walls, or stairwells, indoors and outdoors, etc ( please measure the size of your door before buying).

DURABLE MATERIALS. The dog gate is made of upgraded tough woven mesh fabric with strong tear resistance, which can withstand dangerous outdoor conditions and pet claws, so it’s hard to be broken and the pets can not get through easily.

EASY TO INSTALL. Locate proper installing places, put two poles into the tunnels on both sides, stick the hooks and it is ready for immediate use. No nails, no screws, no damage. When someone needs to pass, the baby gate can easily be retracted fully or partially fast.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE by THEO SUHUN. We truly believe we make some of the most innovative and quality products in the world, but make sure that you buy from the correct seller. We are only responsible for the products that were sold by THEO SUHUN, not for other sellers that dispatched FROM CHINA. Please feel free to contact us for any issues to ensure your 100% satisfactory purchase.

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